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3 Days around Mbeya Region with Sisi Kwa Sisi

3 Days around Mbeya Region with Sisi Kwa Sisi

Get involved in the local beauty of this region. 
Sisi kwa Sisi offers original activities :

Bike from village to village and participate in a cooking workshop.
Explore the Ngozi Crater Lake. 
Lay back at Lake Malawi and visit the unique Pottery Market at Matema. At the end of the day you simply make a bonfire at the beach and socialize with the locals with a cold beer at hand.

GPS: -8.896244, 33.440452

3 Days around Mbeya.
First of all get yourself organized by the local Cultural Tourism Programme of Mbeya : Sisi kwa Sisi.

Make yourself a itinerary with one of these following proposals :
Climb to Mbeya peak 
Reaching the Mbeya peak (2,826m) means a steep climb taking about three hours. As you go along the mountain slopes, you see the indigenous flowers and colourful  butterflies. 
 Ngozi Crater Lake
Ngozi Crater Lake lies 38 km south of Mbeya, in the direction of Tukuyu and Lake Malawi. A narrow footpath winds uphill through a dense tropical jungle full of bamboo and wild banana trees. Small mammals and colourful birds hide behind the thick vegetation. After a climb of one hour, you arrive at the crater rim for a magnificent view of the crater lake.
 Kiwira Natural Bridge and waterfalls
The Kiwira Bridge was created by the powers of a fast flowing river. Locals call this miracle ' Daraja la Mungu' or ' Bridge of God'. Worth visiting are the nearby Kijungu waterfalls.
 Rungwe Mountain climb
Rungwe Mountain at 2,960m is the highest peak in southern Tanzania. This volcano, active over the past million years, dominates the whole area around Tukuyu. It is a vast wild area, more than 100 sq km of forest, upland scrub and rock terrain, completely uninhabited and visited only occasionally. Take a long hike to the   crater rim. 
 Matema beach
The 130 km drive from Mbeya to Matema beach is among the most scenic in Tanzania. A winding road passes through high mountains and tea estates before it descends   to the tropical shores of Lake Malawi. From Matema, you can make canoe trips with fishermen over the lake to the nearby village where women specialize in pottery, and to the mouth of the river to spot hippos and crocodiles. It is also possible to organize hikes to the Livingstone Mountains.
Mbozi meteorite and Sisi kwa Sisi farm
40 km south- east of Mbeya, lies the meteorite stone of Mbozi. This is the eighth largest meteorite in the world, weighing about 12 tones and dates back to at least a thousand years. Nearby the stone, the Sisi kwa Sisi society is worth a visit to experience true African rural life.
Choose well and enjoy your choices !